As the ledger technology matures, it is reaching new heights and is going beyond cryptocurrency. The growth areas include things like data security, the supply chain and electronic health records. As blockchain begins to be hyped there is a lot of things that might arise, which includes things like payment processing, data sharing and equity trading as IoT is becoming more and more popular as it allows the company to look at the information and get the right process with the proof which is the data. The total amount of the data created is 79.4 zettabytes which represent the massive trove of information. This can be collected, stored and analysed, which will allow the providers to continue to build the infrastructure which is required to support IoT applications. Here are some ways IoT trends that has the capacity to grow in the year 2020.

Industrial, Automotive sector will drive IoT Data Growth

With a lot of video equipment becoming the larger part of IoT data, there is a lot to be generated. For the next few years, most of the data that will be generated will come from the industrial and automotive sector which allows one to represent the right growth rate of the IoT and with its increasing complexities the sensors will allow you to capture the right data from automobiles, machines and other industrial assets. There are a lot of data types which includes audio, video and images which include things like artificial intelligence and analytics, which allows one to magnify the data that is being created.

IoT Metadata becomes increasingly important

As a lot of things have sensors, the device is generating data, and metadata comes along to create the things which create the data. It is still a growing space which allows one to handle and manage these systems as it is important to deliver the right context, which can be inexplicable to create the right data sets. This allows one to improve the cognitive ability of the system which is being developed.

IoT Metadata

Building automation, lighting will lead to IoT endpoint growth

With the growing relevance of things like smart meters in commercial and residential markets. The utility industry is using IoT endpoints which is seen to be growing. It is said that the number is going to grow 17% which allows one to have 1.4 billion. It is also recorded that the two sectors which are quickly accepting the features IoT has to offer include government and automotive. It is also said that the number can easily double in digits with the growth when it comes to sectors like the Heath care sector, manufacturing sector and retail sector.