Google’s new social network Google Buzz has a major privacy flaw that can land you in big trouble. Buzz users risk showing all of their private information to their entire network due to Google’s automatic setup – and this can possibly ruin your life.
Your Work Life May Be In Shambles

Google Buzz’s automatic setup process makes everyone that you chat with often on Gmail a follower of your Google Buzz profile and it’s likely your boss is one of them. Having your employer, managers, and coworkers on your Google Buzz follow list can result in termination, suspension and refusal from a prospective employer.

Because of the Google Buzz privacy flaw calling off from work, partying too much, or living a life other than the one portrayed at work (or out of the ethics code) can put your job security at risk and possibly get you fired. If you were emailing a prospective employer, it’s likely that your hopeful employer will be on your Google Buzz’s follow list and can decide not to hire you based on what’s found on your Google Buzz profile.

The Privacy Flaw Makes Self Incrimination a Major Concern

Posting on social networks is usually done freely with no regard for consequences, but the privacy flaw of Google Buzz might make you want to consider the ramifications of what you post. If you’re under private investigation, facing a lawsuit, involved in illegal activity or even filing your taxes; the Google Buzz privacy flaw can get you in serious trouble. That’s why most Canadians use a VPN.

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Google Buzz’s lack of privacy will become a gold mine for anyone suing you, divorce attorneys, the FBI, Social Services, and the IRS. Thanks to Google Buzz you can risk “snitching” on yourself by unknowingly posting incriminating statuses and pictures, that you’ll regret once it’s used as evidence for infidelity, injury fraud, a child custody case, lawsuits, trail, or an IRS audit. You’ll have to be very cautious of what you decide to post on Google’s Social network or run the risk of losing lots of money – and possibly your freedom.

Your Privacy is Open to Identity Theft and Predators

Scammers, Identity Thieves, and Online Predators are sure to be delighted with the privacy flaw of Google Buzz’s Social network, and you ought to worry about the risk of sharing too much private information on Google Buzz. Online Predators are sure to be looking for ways to exploit the privacy flaw of Google Buzz to gain an advantage to take your information and get you in more trouble than you are aware of.

Identity theft is the biggest risk you can run when sharing private details online. Seeing how all of your information is shown to followers on Google Buzz, online predators only have to find a way to get on that follow list and all of your private details will be available. Creating fake IDs, wiping out your bank account, running up your credit, and installing malicious software on your computer are just a few things online predators can do once they’re a part of your Google Buzz network. Even offline predators can use Google Buzz’s privacy flaw to map out a blueprint of your house and know when you’ll be out of town so that they can “case” your house and make away with all your valuables.

Be very careful not to post too much personal information on Google Buzz as your privacy is wide open to anyone you talked to often on Gmail; making Google Buzz a privacy nightmare. You could be running the risk of jail time, IRS fraud, losing your job, and being an identity theft victim due to Google’s privacy flaw on Google Buzz.

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